Digital marketing training

We’ve been designing and managing clever PPC campaigns since 2004, working across a wide range of industries and to a huge variety of marketing objectives.

What makes us different?

We take time to understand each sector we market in. The trends unique to each industry, seasonal ebbs and flows that impact a campaign and of course customer behaviour unique to the product, company or business. It's easy putting a PPC or Social campaign together, the work is in understanding marketing data in relation to these contextual aspects to optimise strategies and improve your return on investment.

These are skills we aim to teach during training sessions.

This training is ideal for companies and individuals who...

  • Have no Adwords account or Facebook page in place
  • Have signed up for Adwords or Facebook but have no idea what to do next
  • Struggle to understand the meaning of certain metrics and settings
  • Don’t know how to develop campaigns and target customers further
  • Are running campaigns but it’s costly and isn’t returning much or any targeted business

Sessions can cover Adwords or Facebook or both. YouTube and Instagram can be covered too. Complimentary systems such as Google Analytics, CRM and email conversions (manual or automated) are also explained to help you achieve maximum return on investment.