What is Facebook advertising?

Any marketing on Facebook displays in the form of sponsored posts that appear in a person's or company's Facebook feed. Facebook marketing experts can very precisely advertise on Facebook using location, age, gender, interests, job title and many more targeting methods. Highly targeted ads make Facebook leads particularly attractive to companies due to the healthy conversion rates because of the targeting accuracy.


There are comprehensive options when it comes to designing an advert. This helps make Facebook adverts particularly appealing to audiences, which increases click through rates (CTR) and ultimately a campaigns return on investment. Multiple images or video, together with a selection of calls to action (CTA) can be applied to adverts depending on the type of product a company is selling on Facebook.

More comprehensive marketing tools such as Lead Generation allow Facebook marketing companies to collect data from users from within the app such as email, in order to reduce the steps required to get a signup, lead or sale.

Retargeting, where a user is targeted within their feed after visiting a particular website or landing page, is also feasible through successful Facebook management and offers high conversion rates due to its greater relevancy to the user.

Over 1.4 billion people use Facebook and when you consider just how significant mobile devices are in our lives, many businesses see Facebook as a key element to their marketing strategy.