What is Google Adwords?

PPC internet marketing is paying a search engine, like Google or Bing, to send clicks to your website instead of developing ‘organic’ clicks achieved through search engine optimisation (SEO). PPC search content is the sponsored adverts that you see to the top and right hand side during a google search.


Pay Per Click advertising, also known as PPC and Google Adwords, is a highly comprehensive advertising strategy which allows you to market to your ideal customer accurately through a multitude of demographic and behavioural targeting methods.

What’s more, with a solid PPC strategy, you can be advertising to your target customer with a PPC ad almost instantly, instead of the months organic marketing can take to return results on investment.

It’s an immensely powerful platform.

Whenever your advert is clicked you’ll receive a website visit, it can be to your home page or a dedicated landing page. You’ll then pay for that click, hence the ‘Pay-Per-Click’ bit. Your Adwords Cost per click (CPC) will vary depending on how competitive the keyword or phrase is.

When your PPC account is highly refined your advertising CPC is much lower than an unrefined account, meaning it can offer a great return on investment if you outsource to a Pay Per Click specialist.