What's the best Heat Mapping tool?

We take a quick look at the best systems available to all levels of user.

Endless metrics are available to marketing specialists evaluating the success of a digital marketing strategy - metrics that vary in terms of relevancy and importance, depending on which channel or network is being used to market. 

The majority of the time, having a healthy conversion rate will be the ultimate metric to achieve. Conversion goals could be signups, direct sales or leads - all of which involve customer website journeys across touchpoints.

In our previous post, we highlighted some of the best tools to build powerful (and beautiful) landing pages. The next step is to tailor these landing pages to a specific audience, this is where heat mapping software steps in – it allows you to track individual visitor sessions, mapping your customer journeys, gathering data to determine which content elements on the page attracted the most attention, through specific channels, at what time and demographic. 

This valuable data allows you to develop pages, removing much of the guess work and further increasing your conversion rate and ultimately, your return on your marketing investment.

How Heat Mapping works? 

Google Analytics can provide you with very comprehensive audience data, it’s a truly brilliant system, especially when you consider it’s free and still better than most paid platforms!

The issue is that the level of experience needed in order to configure behaviour tracking is pretty advanced. Heat mapping software on the other hand is designed entirely for this purpose – with WordPress you will have to install specialised plugins to handle the integration with the software and then use the web interface for analysis...

Heat mapping software uses mouse tracking technology combined with heatmap capabilities to provide you with data for your visitor behaviour research. With simple analysis, you can answer the following questions: 

  • Where visitors click? 

  • Which content elements get the most attention? 
  • What portion of the page visitors view on average per session? 
  • What needs to be changed to improve conversions? 

Further data allows you to analyse which marketing channel initiates a particular set of behaviours as well demographic insight.

What's the best Heat Mapping software?

We’ve prepared a small list with some of the best heat mapping solutions out there...



Inspectlet is easy-to-use and has all features required to make the data work useful. Everything can be easily accessed, all beautifully simple. Besides the user friendly interface, Inspectlet Heat Mapping software is also one of the most affordable solutions on the list, making it perfect for smaller businesses and start-ups. 

Some of the most prominent reasons why Inspectlet is included in this list are: 

  • Easy-to-understand session recordings and analytics
  • Multiple heatmaps to gain insights how users behave on every page
  • Form Analytics – figure out how visitors behave when filling forms on your website and identify areas to optimise
  • Powerful filters to group visitors
  • Compatible with all versions of WordPress


Mouseflow heat mapping software best suited for digital marketing teams and agencies. It’s much cheaper than most of its competitors and plans for one website start from $30 per month. Here are few reasons why we included Mouseflow in this list: 

  • Session recording features
  • Heatmap features 
  • In-depth form analytics
  • Very easy to setup with the Google Tag Manager
  • Great addition to any A/B split testing tool you use
  • Works great with all versions of WordPress

While its easy to setup on WordPress and any other content management system, Mouseflow requires form ID for its analytics, which can be an issue. Furthermore, there may be issues with the session recording for dynamic and responsive pages. 



One of the most popular names in the industry, CrazyEgg is used by thousands of webmasters. It has 4 different plans suitable for different needs. To get the maximum uses from CrazyEgg, you should consider getting the Plus package, which costs $49 a month. 

While packed with many powerful analytics features, new users find CrazyEgg heat mapping rather hard to use and its interface requires improvement. In addition to that, some users report data inconsistencies, but it’s worth to mention that none of the heat mapping solutions are always 100% correct. Here's an overview of why to consider CrazyEgg:

  • Scrollmap features
  • Segmentation based on traffic sources and search queries
  • Easily identify areas for improvement on your website
  • Works on all WordPress versions

Lucky Orange

Lucky Orange heat mapping is the most complete software package here, with plans starting from as little as $10 a month for 3 domains. Here are some of the top features Lucky Orange offers:

  • Detailed form analytics 
  • Real-time visitor heatmap 
  • Visitor Polls
  • Visitor recordings and heatmap capabilities 
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Super easy to setup
  • Works with all versions of WordPress

Unlike many other tools on the market, Lucky Orange offers its full feature set for all plans, so you won't have to pay extra for additional access. New users may actually feel a little overwhelmed with all the data produced but with a little segmentation, this data can be reduced into much more manageable, useful chunks.

It’s also worth mentioning that Lucky Orange has a live chat feature to improve visitor experience. 



With the right heat mapping software, you can dramatically boost sales and engagement on your website. However, getting the best one requires a bit of expertise, so our advice for beginners is to get started with one of the most affordable options above – Lucky Orange and CrazyEgg. Both offer free trials, so you can sign up and perform analysis on at least one landing page to test the system and begin to really understand your website traffic!