The Best WordPress Landing Page Plugins

There are multiple elements that make up a successful digital marketing campaign but without doubt the most important factor is the website landing page. Spending your your hard-earned marketing budget sending targeted traffic to irrelevant pages isn't great, and is totally avoidable. 

Instead, consider spending some of that marketing budget on a landing page development system - you'll engage with your audience at a greater level, achieve a healthier return on investment and probably, still spend less than you were originally!


With this article we hope to give you what we believe are some of the best tools available for successful for ongoing landing page development.

There are many website platforms available that will have landing page development systems available to them so, to make this article a little more refined, we're going to focus on just Wordpress - perhaps the most popular website builder for small and medium sized businesses.

While almost all of the latest WordPress themes come bundled with Page Builder plugins, getting the right landing page for your audience requires a little more input. Elements such as bounce rates and heatmapping should play a role in split testing your landing pages, and we'll be going into these subjects in greater detail with future articles.

What makes a great landing page?

  • Clean Structure – successful landing pages are clean and organised, pages should be concise and easy for the user to navigate. Don’t overdo it! Your website visitors want to learn things quickly, so keep things as minimalistic as possible

  • Relevancy - it's essential to send traffic to highly relevant, dedicated landing pages, or series of split tested landing pages, created to match a specific search and product in terms of messaging (words and images) and calls to action

  • Great images and videos – all tests related with conversion optimisation highlight the extreme importance of images and videos to boost conversions. To identify the best visual content for your specific landing page needs A/B testing/split testing is the best approach

  • Good Call to Action – the best digital marketers will all agree that to achieve maximum conversions, the call to action should be introduced as early as possible and located in the area above the fold

  • Works on all devices – this is 100% mandatory and there really is no reason to explain why!

Getting the right WordPress landing page plugin

There are many, many WordPress themes with page builders helping to craft good landing pages, so why bother selecting a specific landing page plugin? 

The truth is that to maximise your conversions and ultimately, return on investment (ROI), you need to be able to do the following: 

  • Provide advanced tracking insights

  • Use already proven landing page designs

  • Create multiple landing pages at scale

  • Integration with additional apps & tools (email marketing, CRM, etc.)

  • Lead generation features

While most of the existing WordPress builders cover some of these requirements, only a specialised WordPress landing page plugin covers all elements. Selecting the right one depends entirely on your specific goals and requirements, below are several great solutions to consider. 

The best WordPress landing page builder

With WordPress being the most popular content management system across the globe, the number of plugins, across categories, is staggering (and a little overwhelming). To make things easier for you, we’ve prepared a list of the best plugins to consider installing on your WordPress site.



The Instapage WordPress landing page plugin is exceptionally good, packed with useful, flexible features. With prices starting from $29 a month it's great value. Some of the top Instapage features to consider are: 

  • More than 100 optimised templates for every type of campaign

  • Amazing landing page builder with hundreds of customisation options

  • Designs work across devices

  • Access to stock gallery for custom images (at flat pricing)

  • Complete lead generation and management system

  • Advanced tracking analytics to gain vital insights



WishPond landing page app definitely deserves a spot on the list alongside the best WordPress plugins this year, its immense landing page design features and marketing automation capabilities are incredible. 

The plans for WishPond begin at $49 a month and come with pretty much all of features you need start your digital marketing campaign in one place. Here are few more features that deserve highlighting: 

  • Easy-to-use landing page editor and a lot of optimised templates

  • Features allowing hosting contests and sweepstakes (great for lead generation and social media marketing), as well as optimised templates

  • Full set of website popups and forms to maximise lead generation

  • Complete marketing automation suite, allowing you to nurture leads depending on audience actions and behaviour. This also means that you can save on email marketing software

  • Detailed lead activity data and insights to maximise value

  • All pages created with WishPond work across devices



Quards is a solution prepared by one of the leading design authorities out there Designmodo. This WordPress plugin is offered for one-time $99 fee per website.

Some of the main reasons why Quards is included in this list are: 

  • Big list with content elements (cards), which will allow the creation of virtually unlimited designs

  • Modern, minimalistic appeal of the default designs

  • Works great with pretty much all WordPress themes

  • Easy-to-use drag-and-drop editor, great for beginners

  • Works great on all devices


Beaver Builder

Beaver Builder is a versatile combination of a theme and plugin, which is great if you are starting a new website and you need advanced design feature set.

However, if you decide to you can purchase the plugin separately for $99 and the license covers unlimited number of websites.

Some Beaver Builder features to consider: 

  • Easy-to-use back-end drag and drop editor

  • Front-end editor to customise your designs live on the website

  • By default, the design is responsive, so works great on all devices

  • Easily import/export existing or new templates to the builder

  • Lots of custom content modules

Get Beaver Builder Now!

WP Landing Pages by Inbound Now

The WordPress Landing Pages is possibly the best free landing page plugin for Wordpress and can easily be installed on any WordPress website. The basic version of the plugin comes with rather limited feature set, so to add additional ones you need to visit the developer marketplace and purchase the module.

Here are some more features of WordPress Landing Pages to consider:

  • Lead intelligence and analytics features via additional WordPress plugin

  • A/B split testing capabilities and basic stats

  • Additional costs apply for some of the pre-existing landing page designs

  • Works across devices and screen sizes

inbound Now


Choosing the best WordPress landing page plugin for your needs is a decision that shouldn’t be rushed, be sure to utilise free trial periods until you're comfortable with the system, be prepared to test a lot of systems and plugins!

If you're a WordPress beginner, we would recommend starting with the free Wordpress landing page builder listed, the available feature-set will be limited but you can atleast begin to develop data on what landing pages work best for your website and why.

For the more experienced Wordpress users, feature availability and pricing ratio are often the most important factors to consider.