Facebook is at the very forefront of data collection. Experts can target users not just on age, gender and location, but on social factors including interests, life events and even household income. Purchasing trends and browsing behaviour data is also available, further aiding targeting and retargeting.

The result of this level of precision means you connect with your community at an even greater, more relevant level, often resulting in a healthier return on investment when compared with other marketing channels.


Mobile use is now higher than desktop with smartphone and tablets accounting for over 60% of all online activity. Partner this statistic with mobile users checking Facebook accounts throughout the day and you begin to see the potential exposure.

Instagram has 16.7 million - up by almost 35% on the previous year.

Promoted content is displayed in your audience's feed, tap into new audiences and gain access to a younger demographic through more dynamic, image-led communication.

173 billion photos have been shared on Instagram, that's an average of 95 million a day! 

Facebook & Instagram plans.

Our Facebook Ads plans are £120 + VAT per month (for up to a £1000 monthly spend). There’s no contract. Here's what's included ...

  • Multiple objectives (Facebook/Instagram likes, website signups/sales)

  • Smart lead generation ads

  • Bench-marking competition

  • Build custom and lookalike audiences

  • Eye catching advert copy, images & video

  • Ads for Instagram

  • Landing page development advice to increase conversions

  • Facebook account setup, if required

  • Comprehensive remarketing strategies

  • You control budget

  • Monthly reporting and unlimited consultancy

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